Monday, July 16, 2018

The Old Fisherman

In this poem, the fisherman is both poor and rich at the same time. While he has little in the way of valuable goods and property, with his simple outdoor livelihood he is rich in what he wants: Food, wine and a beautiful landscape.

nimaha butara mafa [漁翁],    The Old Fisherman
Staatsbibliothek 11.13 (View Online)
banjin ai,    What is he like?
borgon ambula,    With great heaps
dehe sijin welmiyeku,    of hooks, lines, fishing poles,
nure nimaha sampa,    of wine, fish and shrimp

bayakan mafa.

    the old man is rich.

teku ai,    What is his dwelling?
ūlen hon fiyangga,    His house is very colorful,
tugi suman boo leli,    his home of clouds and mist is vast,
ula alin hūwa amba,    his garden of rivers and mountains is great,
10mukei falangga.    in a watery neighborhood.

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