Manchu Rhymes

Observed End-Rhyme Classes

I have found examples of the following end-rhyme classes in Jakdan and the Staatsbibliothek poems.

Awords ending in -a
AIwords ending in -ai
ANwords ending in -an or -on
Ewords ending in -e or vocalic -o. For words ending in semivowel -o, see EO
ENwords ending in -en, -in-un or -ūn
ENGwords ending in -eng or -ing
EO          words ending in -eo, -io, -uo or -ūo
Iwords ending in vocalic -i or -y (e.g. dzy). For words ending in semivowel -i, see AI
Uwords ending in -u or

Based on the observed end-rhyme classes above, I suspect words ending in -ung and -ūng would fall into the ENG category, but I have not found examples of that yet. I also suspect the existence of the following rhyme categories, but have found no examples of them yet:

*AOwords ending in -ao or -oo
*OI         words ending in -oi

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