Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Autumn Cicada, another grumpy poem

This poem is the second in the series of poems about lowly life forms, set to the tune Double Tune Celebrating the Sacred Dynasty, which included the Frogs of the last post.

Interestingly, the line jooci jooki bai suggests that the poem is directed at the cicadas, rather than being a complaint to a sympathetic listener. Verbiest explains the -ki suffix as follows (translation by Pentti, 1977): “When we are speaking to our equals or superiors, however, we have to add the suffix -ki to the second person imperative in order to express and invitation and not a command.”

bingsiku [秋涼兒]    Autumn Cicada
Staatsbibliothek 11.38 (View Online)
eimede,    Repugnant!
jamarangge ai,    What is this commotion?
arkan teni nakafi,    You barely stop and then,
baji geli hūlahai,    soon you are calling again.

jaci muritai.

    How stubborn!

eyoyo,    Ugh.
jooci jooki bai,    If you’re going to stop, then please just stop!
erin hahi dulekei,    As the hours rushed by,
geli ainu bošohoi,    why did you drive them on?
10dembei yangšan kai.    You’re so exceedingly noisy!

Translation Notes:

eyoyo. I could not find this one in dictionaries, but from context I think it is most likely onomatopoeia for a groaning noise.

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